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  • When Hannah is on the bus and logs into the Kawaii Squishy Store from her cell phone, her shopping cart automatically loads with the 5 items she added while she was at her friend's house the night before.
  • Let’s say she adds 2 more items while she’s on the bus. When she gets home and logs into the Kawaii Squishy Store on her home computer, she’ll have all 7 items in her cart.
  • She's much happier because she didn't lose all of the great stuff she added to the shopping cart and didn't have to spend time starting over from scratch.
  • Hannah continues shopping and buys all of her favorite Kawaii Squishies to build her collection.


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About The Condition Of Kawaii Squishies

Kawaii Squishies are NOT FOR CONSUMPTION and are not for children under the age of 8.

Please note that some Kawaii Squishy items do have a slight smell from the paint applied. This smell should dissipate after a few days.

Kawaii Squishies may have defects or become defective after you squish them. Some may have air bubbles, small marks or inconsistent paint design. These are not defects but part of the product. These products are primarily hand made so the perfect squishy is not always possible. This is how the manufacturers make Kawaii Squishies.

Sprinkles or attached fruit or designs glued on to the squishies may fall off the product, this is out of our control. After squishing, some squishies may become weaker more quickly than others resulting in cracks, holes, rips, changes in texture, etc. Some items may be scented and some will have a stronger scent than others.

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